Avondale Global Gateway celebrates opening of $2M gate complex

Avondale Global Gateway celebrates opening of $2M gate complex

This latest achievement in AGG’s growth and expansion initiatives on the West Bank of Jefferson Parish encompassed a modernization of the trucking gate complex, featuring new scales and enhanced security measures.

“Through strategic collaboration and prudent allocation of resources, this refurbishment underscores our commitment to fostering efficiency and innovation in Southeast Louisiana’s trade landscape, ensuring a seamless experience for our stakeholders,” said Representative Green. “Together, with valuable community partners like HOST, JEDCO and the Jefferson Parish Council, we continue to pave the way for economic growth and prosperity in our region.”

The renovation promises to deliver higher throughput and increased efficiency to meet the growing demand of Avondale Global Gateway’s customer and supplier base. Maintaining rapid turnaround times and prioritizing expedited services remains paramount.

“It is amazing to see the life brought back to Avondale over the past five years, and how the improvements have not stopped since they started,” said Jefferson Parish President Sheng. “Avondale Global Gateway has brought new commerce to Jefferson Parish that didn’t exist in Louisiana before, and this gate complex is an added benefit for these industry suppliers to do business here.”

Gate complexes play an important role in an effective shipping terminal operating system, acting as an essential link between rail, road and river for shippers and logistics companies. Effective gate systems prevent traffic congestion and allow for quick and seamless transitions for multimodal commerce.

“Avondale Global Gateway has served as a major artery for our local trucking industry. Modernizing the gate complex will safely and effectively speed up transportation times, allowing us to significantly increase our economic impact within our community and across the state,” said Phillip LeBlanc Jr., Business Development Manager, Otwell Services.

Avondale Global Gateway, under the stewardship of HOST, has successfully transformed into a vibrant terminal that is bringing new manufacturing industries to the region and continues moving millions of tons of new cargo by offering 275 acres of both covered storage and laydown space. As part of the recent overhaul, HOST restored the docks to their former capacity and connected to the Union Pacific rail line, offering tenants and customers upgraded multimodal transportation options through river and rail. With the completion of the trucking gate complex, HOST has successfully reinvigorated and modernized all three forms of transportation at Avondale Global Gateway.

“The redevelopment of this iconic regional property has been a longtime economic development priority for JEDCO. We are proud to collaborate with our partners at HOST in their quest to expand operations in Jefferson Parish through this important project,” said JEDCO President and CEO Jerry Bologna. “Coordination and cooperation are essential to the success and growth of Avondale Global Gateway and commerce in Southern Louisiana. This partnership is a prime example of working together to bring quality improvements to the region while also marking another milestone in Avondale Global Gateway’s continued progress toward becoming a global logistics hub.”

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